Recapture Your Health: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recapture Your Health about?

Recapture Your Health offers a low-cost, self-help wellness program that can be done at home. It is terrific for people who would like to be free of chronic symptoms, pain, or illness or who would like to have abundant energy, increased enjoyment of life, and radiant well-being. There are three parts to the program, which are easy to learn and may be adapted to suit individual preferences and lifestyles.

How does your book help the reader solve their health problems?

Our book encourages people to look for fun, creative ways to boost health that tap into their interests. We encourage an approach that combines self-help practices with consulting with practitioners when needed. The 3-part program reverses the main lifestyle contributors to illness: too much stress, too many refined foods, and too little physical activity.

What is the 3-part program for recapturing health?

We call it the 3LS Wellness Program. It consists of Skilled Relaxation, Whole Foods Diet, and Right Exercise. Most people can start to benefit and increase their health by choosing one of those practices and integrating changes into their lives in an enjoyable way. After feeling better and having more energy, people usually find they are motivated to start a second aspect of the program.

What kind of health problems does this program help?

The 3LS Wellness Program helps serious chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes as well as “nuisance” symptoms like hay fever, headaches, allergies, fatigue, insomnia, and recurrent colds or flu. It helps mental and emotional imbalances, too, like anxiety and depression. Some other examples are chronic functional diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and musculo-skeletal disorders like neck pain or other chronic muscle aches. The 3LS Wellness program particularly helps where there is no diagnosis or unusual symptoms are present. People who think they have no symptoms and follow this program may be amazed to discover a great improvement in their sleep, an abundance of energy, and a more positive mental outlook which makes them feel more relaxed and confident.

What are some of the biggest challenges to recovering health?

First, staying motivated. To overcome this, make it fun until you start feeling better, then your motivation is clear and it becomes easy. Second, overcoming the cultural influence of the conventional approach to health care. This usually means either wanting a quick fix to health problems or thinking that chronic symptoms are something you have to live with. To overcome this, just start the 3LS Wellness Program. The third biggest challenge is social pressure for following unhealthy life habits. To overcome this, find support from other people with healthy interests and set an example for the others.

How does a person find the time to do the 3 practices of the Wellness Program?

The practices don’t take a lot of time, so it’s easy to fit them into free moments during the day. Also, you can combine some of the practices with other activities, such as making exercise a social activity or just incorporating dietary changes into your regular menu planning. Some people schedule time in their palm pilots or day timers to be sure they don’t forget.

What advice do you have for people who have difficulty making healthy lifestyle changes?

Start by picking one simple change and stick with it. Encourage yourself by cheering yourself on every time you succeed at making a healthy choice, and reward yourself with healthy treats. Make it fun.

Can you give us an example of someone whose illnesses or symptoms were reversed using the 3LS Program?

We’ve received hundreds of testimonials. I am one example, my co-author Dr. Stoll is another example. Many people who have suffered from a wide range of illnesses and symptoms have been helped by following the 3LS Wellness Program.

Why is it called the 3LS Wellness Program?

We named it “3LS” after the image of a sturdy, stable wooden three-legged stool. This image presents how it takes all three practices, not just one or two, to create a stable foundation for health. If a wooden stool only has one leg or two legs, it does not stand up. If you imagine the stool is painted red, it can further help you remember that the basis of health lies in R - relaxation, E - exercise, and D - diet.

How is this book part of a grassroots movement towards change in the healthcare system?

People are realizing that drugs and surgery aren’t always the answers for their conditions, and they want more options. They are seeking alternatives, and are willing to go beyond their insurance plans and past their doctor’s conventional medical training to look for effective and lasting solutions to their chronic symptoms. Our book did not come from a medical corporation or a pharmaceutical laboratory, but from people who learned what truly helps health from personal and clinical experience and success. The 3LS Wellness Program is not a just a research project or a study, but a real-life, time-tested program for improving health through personal empowerment.

Why did you write this book?

Jan contacted Walt to write the book, and the two of them collaborated to get the message out. Walt has been teaching about holistic and alternative medicine for decades, so he was happy to work on the project. Jan was motivated to write it for her own healing, for some of her massage clients whose chronic symptoms needed more than just massage, and for the millions of people who think there is no hope for their chronic symptoms. There is something that can be done to improve health!

How is this book different from other health books?

Recapture Your Health goes beyond just describing health problems to focus on providing a wide range of practical things you can do immediately to start improving your symptoms. The tools we give you are inexpensive and can be done at home to create lasting change in your health rather than just covering symptoms.

How can my audience order Recapture Your Health?

Order Recapture Your Health online at, through and, toll-free at 1-877-357-9355, or through your local bookstore.

Recapture Your Health by Walt Stoll, M.D. and Jan DeCourtney, C.M.T., (Sunrise Health Coach Publications, 2006)
Order at, 303-527-2886, or toll free at 1-877-3LS-WELL (1-877-357-9355)
Contact/info: Jan DeCourtney,, 303-527-2886,

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