Interesting and Unique Facts About the Authors

Walt Stoll, MD, Bio

Walt was born and raised on dairy farm in Ohio . He has four children: one is a physician med school professor in TX, one runs a department at Kripalu (MA) (new age center), one is a FL mobile emergency tech and one is a counselor for mentally compromised dependents of the state (FL). His daughter has 7 children and he is the oldest of 7 children.

From the very beginning of his medical practice, he was very interested in helping patients help themselves. Thus, within a few months of opening his practice, all of the Amish people in his community were coming to him. They have always been interested in helping themselves, and word traveled fast in the local community. Walt had to put a hitching bar in the parking lot since there were always a few buggies parked in the back . They were his favorite patients since his interest in educating people was well met by them.

Walt was also an avid tennis player and actually had the phone company install a phone jack in the tennis courts so he could always respond to emergency calls while on the courts.

He was a founding member of the AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association) and served on their board of trustees for many years.

Walt is an avid dog lover and enjoys gardening and Star Trek.

Jan DeCourtney, CMT, Bio

Jan has always had an international flair: she started learning Spanish in 5th grade, went to Mexico in high school, Ecuador in college, worked at her college's International Center, spent time in France and Europe, lived with a Chinese family for 10 years, has a deep appreciation for the Native American culture, and now enjoys spiritual traditions from all parts of the world including Buddhism, Sufism, and Taoism.

Her hobbies are hiking, snowshoeing; yoga and exercise; Buddhist meditation sits and retreats, Dances of Universal Peace, Unity; watching videos at home; cooking and eating gourmet health foods; bargains and garage sales; helping other people. She enjoys experiencing new things and learning about psychology, human personalities, and relationships. Jan reads the comics everyday (she especially likes Rose is Rose, Baby Blues, and Zits), and she likes a good joke.

Her favorite foods include fresh organic vegetables, fresh pineapple, Chinese gourmet dining, fish, and home cooking.

Her clients have come up with some interesting nicknames for her. One calls her "massage goddess." Another client said she made a verb out of Jan since her massages are so unique and wonderful -- instead of saying, "I had a massage from Jan," she says, "I've been Janned! " Another client calls her "needle fingers" because she says Jan's small hands can relieve every little tight spot in even the tiniest of places.

Recapture Your Health by Walt Stoll, M.D. and Jan DeCourtney, C.M.T., (Sunrise Health Coach Publications, 2006)
Order online at, 303-527-2886 or toll free at 1-877-3LS-WELL (1-877-357-9355)
Contact/info: Jan DeCourtney,, 303-527-2886,

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