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Recapture Your Health is for people seeking relief from chronic symptoms, pain, or illness. The self-help 3LS Wellness Program presents a synergistic approach to health and healing based on three simple, low-cost practices. It has guided thousands of people to reverse troublesome chronic conditions and achieve a state of vibrant health.

You will discover—the single most important thing to do to improve your health (even with no diagnosis and no health insurance); how to effectively plan your healing; what causes symptoms to appear, disappear, and reappear; why the best approach to health usually includes your participation along with professional help; what causes mental/emotional illness and how to resolve it; and ways to take charge of your health. A special section guides health care practitioners to empower patients and clients to reverse their chronic symptoms when nothing else works.

"This book saves you time, money, and frustration by giving you powerful tools and real answers for your health issues. It is a must for anyone suffering from any chronic health condition. Highly recommended!" — Mark Stengler, N.D., co-author of Prescription for Natural Cures and author of Bottom Line’s Natural Healing newsletter

"Recapture Your Health provides a clear path to better health in an easy-to-read, entertaining format." — Michael T. Murray, N.D., coauthor of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

"The 3LS Program is an excellent, common-sense approach to regaining and maintaining optimal health... it teaches readers how to reclaim the vitality that is their natural birthright!" — Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., author of From Fatigued to Fantastic

Walt Stoll, MD, holistic health educator, has practiced for more than 30 years as a board-certified family practitioner. He is host of the popular holistic website and author of Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis. Jan DeCourtney, CMT, integrates therapeutic massage, the 3LS Wellness Program, and other healing methods into a program of holistic health and self-care education in her practice in Boulder, Colorado.

Recapture Your Health by Walt Stoll, M.D. and Jan DeCourtney, C.M.T., (Sunrise Health Coach Publications, 2006)
Order at, 303-527-2886, or toll free at 1-877-3LS-WELL (1-877-357-9355)
Contact/info: Jan DeCourtney,, 303-527-2886,

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