Saving Yourself From the Disease-Care Crisis - Back Cover

The science of medicine has for too long been excluding the art of medicine

Conventional medicine alone is not the best approach to many chronic medical conditions. Alternative medicine has for years offered safe, effective approaches to handle many problems which plague modern man.

Conditions such as allergies, arthritis, mood and behavior disorders, digestion disorders, heart problems and endocrinological conditions, among others, can be safely and effectively treated with holistic remedies. So why are these treatments not encouraged or available from conventional medical practitioners?

Saving Yourself From the Disease-Care Crisis discusses the critical state of health care in America today and asks hard questions about the monopoly of conventional medicine that limits the options available to most consumers of medical services.

This book also offers safe, simple treatments which have been effectively used to relieve suffering and reverse the effects of many of the ills produced by the modern American Lifestyle.

The science of medicine has for too long been excluding the art of medicine: a complementary approach offers a humane and effective solution to the current health care crisis, which should be available to everyone.

About the Author

Walt Stoll, MD, ABFP, received his BA in psychology from Western Reserve University and his MD from Ohio State University. He practiced more than thirty years as a board-certified family practitioner.

During the first thirteen years he offered his patients only conventional medical advice. But he experienced dramatic improvements in his own health when he tried several alternative approaches for conditions which had not responded to conventional treatment.

Thereafter, he combined many of the world's healing philosophies with conventional medicine, and during the last seventeen years of his practice he saw his patients' results dramatically improve.

Since Dr. Stoll retired from active practice in 1993, he has functioned as the Special Contributor for Prodigy's Holistic Medical Bulletin Board. As such, he has continued to share his knowledge as Health Coach for thousands of very grateful members of the Prodigy Service. Now, he wants to share his knowledge and experience with you.

Dr. Stoll is now the host of his popular interactive website

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