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Only 3 Steps to Change Your Health for the Better

Most people in America have some kind of chronic symptom or illness, but few people know they can be empowered to use their own personal interests, inspiration, and creativity to resolve their complaints and feel better. You can transform your life by introducing new healing habits into your daily routine.

There are 3 main areas that comprise the most effective, tried-and-true path to health. This path is named the 3LS Wellness Program after the image of support, stability, and balance of a wooden 3-Legged Stool. The three practices or legs are Relaxation, Diet, and Exercise. Most people benefit from making any improvement in these three areas.

People wishing to be free from stubborn or severe symptoms or illnesses need a more in-depth Program consisting of very careful practice of Skilled Relaxation, a Whole Foods Diet, and Right Exercise. Typical benefits reported from following the Program include a decrease in symptoms, more energy, better sleep, increased alertness, greater stamina, catching no or fewer colds and flus, and feeling happier, more relaxed, and more confident. Some are surprised to find they get rid of their stubborn chronic symptoms completely.

To improve your health, start simply from wherever you are. Here are a few tips for beginning to make positive changes in the three areas of Relaxation, Diet, and Exercise to start moving you in the direction of the vibrant health you desire.

Relaxation: Relaxation may be the single most important benefit to health in our hurried, worried society. Here are some ways to relax.

To start a regular relaxation practice:

Diet: The healthiest foods are those that have not been refined, which means they have no parts removed. They are whole foods. Here are some ways to increase the amount of whole foods you eat:

To start eating a healthier diet of whole foods:

Exercise: If exercise ranks as the last thing you would consider doing, this probably means that it is the single most important thing you could do for your health. This is because people tend to avoid doing the very thing that would help them the most. Choose the right exercise for you:

To start a regular exercise program:

Wellness is one of the most fascinating and productive of hobbies. Whether you suffer from severe chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, or just experience nuisance symptoms like allergies, insomnia, or anxiety, you can benefit from choosing one of the three steps to wellness and making it a part of your daily life. Add the other steps after you are comfortable with the first. The things you do today will bring about your happy, healthy future. Anything that moves one closer to wellness, health, or wholeness is a small step in the right direction.

Walt Stoll, MD, and Jan DeCourtney, CMT, are co-authors of the book, Recapture Your Health: A Complete Step-by-Step Program to Reverse Your Chronic Symptoms and Create Lasting Wellness, (ISBN 0965317129), available at local and online bookstores, and from Sunrise Health Coach Publications, 1-877-357-9355 or "".

Recapture Your Health by Walt Stoll, M.D. and Jan DeCourtney, C.M.T., (Sunrise Health Coach Publications, 2006)
Order at, 303-527-2886, or toll free at 1-877-3LS-WELL (1-877-357-9355)
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