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Welcome to Sunrise Health Coach Publications! Sunrise Health Coach offers books about alternative medicine to assist your own health care efforts. Our books specifically focus on a holistic understanding of both illness and good health so that holistic tools such as stress management, relaxation, whole foods, diet, exercise, massage, and other natural remedies can be used more effectively to overcome your health issues. Our publications address concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, cancer, depression, weight loss, mental health, fibromyalgia, and more. Those interested in sustainability will be pleased that our books enhance your frugal living efforts and offer a very effective holistic medicine with a DIY component. Our books can help you save money whether you have or lack health insurance.

Sunrise Health Coach Publications is dedicated to producing the finest self-help holistic health books possible. Launched by holistic health pioneer and educator Walt Stoll, MD in 1996 with his first title, Saving Yourself from the Disease Care Crisis, Sunrise Health Coach Publications began guiding people towards better health. Now we serve as a third-party publisher and bookstore for the Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health.

Our goals match those of the Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health. We offer books with a holistic or alternative approach aiming at correcting causes of imbalances via natural healing methods. We value and offer information that guides readers to find practical, realistic solutions to their health issues. Our goal is to provide effective, reliable, informative, and inspirational books covering a wide range of health and healing topics for the public and professionals. Our books promote health awareness and improvement in all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In addition to Stoll Foundation titles, we also carry additional titles related to the 3LS Wellness Program by other publishers, and books about health topics from independent publishers in Colorado.

All profits from our sales support the educational activities of the Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health, helping individuals around the globe. Your purchase will contribute to making a difference in the wellness and lives of people seeking health, your country's health, and the world's health. Thank you for your purchases and your support.


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Permissions and subsidiary rights: Please submit your request in writing to the contact info above.

Review copies: Available for recognized publications and broadcasters; please submit your review copy requests on letterhead to the address above.

Submissions: We hope someday to publish additional books. However, we are not accepting submissions at present.